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Get everything you need for your awesome agents to be successful! From the interview process to helping agent become the one of the best on their chosen client, these tools are a MUST have for any IBO! Get yours today!

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*Disclaimer: Due to the proprietary information within some of the items, IBO verification is needed. This is to ensure that only those authorized to access are the ones making purchases. Thank you**

This is package includes: *Commitment Adherence *Intro to CSP: Become a Top Performer *New CSP Welcome Packet $45.00

Ultimate Package 

Give your CSPs the info that they need beyond certification. Be the IBO  with the best resources and tools to help them be truly successful! From understanding a payable state to performing above expectation, this package has what you need to help your agents surpass the rest.

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This explains all the details of Commitment Adherence in one place. How it is calculated, how to run a report & how to correct it when it is below the SOW requirements. $20.00

Commitment Adherence: How to maintain & Repair it

Do you have agents struggling with CA? Are you lost on how to have them correct? This item is for you! Give your CSPs the ins and outs of CA. Explain why it is vital and how to repair it when it is low!

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This shows CSPs how to become the one that stands out. Give your CSP the key to being successful on the platform from the time they enroll in a client. $25.00

Introduction to Becoming a CSP: BECOME A TOP PERFORMER 

Do you want a way to give your agents all the information that they need to be successful at once? Then this is the item you need. Everything from where to find "Prework" to securing a SOW renewal.

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This item will remove the need for you to have to answer the same questions over and over again. $10.00

New CSP Welcome Packet

Do you need to find a way to get valuable information to your agents? This packet answers the most common questions asked by CSPs. It explains how they are paid, how waivers are handled, numbers for emergencies and a Starmatic walk through.

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*Required Documents *Welcome Packet *IBO Resource Links *Potential CSP Interview Flow *Potential CSP PowerPoint Presentation $65.00 **NO contract

New IBO Bundle

Do you know documents you need to have agents complete under your IBO? Do you need to know what questions to ask during an interview as well as what info to give? Get everything you need to get started as an IBO in one place. Clean, simple and easy to understand documents.

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You get these documents*Summary of Understanding *Direct Deposit Form *W9 form *Work From Home Checklist $12.00

Required Documents

Do you need the essential documents for you IBO and nothing else? Get the same items Key uses for her agents!

Everything is here, except for her ICA. (if can be provided on where to purchase)

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Get a fully detailed Powerpoint that has helped many IBOs gain solid agents when doing a mass interview/webinar. $35.00

Group Interview PowerPoint

Are you the type of IBO that likes doing group or mass presentations. This is for you! Here is an amazing PowerPoint already created for you. Used by many IBOs to get potential CSPs to join their IBO!

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