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Have you taken the bold leap into the world of Zoho and Zoho One? But when you go there it only confused you more about your organization skills?

Well, you don't have to worry anymore! All Things IBOs have got you covered! As a brand new service offered by Key, she will get your Zoho to a level of easy understanding!

By setting up 4 of the key Zoho apps many IBOs uses, she will bring a little simplicity to your already busy life!

Let's get your IBO world organized the right way!
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Current Zoho Pricing

Below you will find the pricing for the key Zoho applications needed for a successfully operating system automation setup. Zoho does offer a free 30 day trial period for all of their application. Key is more than happy to do a consultation to advise of the best option for your specific business. 

A free 30 minute consultation is available to assess your goals and the unique needs of your business.

Zoho ProductMonthly Rate Annually Rate (Paid in Full Upfront) Is there a free version 
Product Details
 Zoho One (Single User)$ 90.00$900.00  No Access to all Zoho Applications
 Zoho One Standard (Must have 5 users listed)$35.00 (per user) $360.00 No Access to all Zoho Applications
 Zoho Sign (Standard) $12.00$120.00 Yes ( Allows 5 documents) Fee for 25 documents
 Zoho Forms Basic$10.00 $96.00
Yes (3 forms/500 submissions per month) Unlimited Forms/10,000 submissions 
 Zoho CRM (Standard) $18.00$144.00 Yes (Does have limitations on functions) A database for client/agent/customer management
 Zoho Campaign* see noteSee noteSee note See Note

Zoho Campaign Note: Zoho Campaign is priced based on one of two factors. You can enroll based on the number of subscribers or the number of email credits that you plan to use.  The rate for the subscriber option range from $5.00-$350.00 per month, the email credit option ranges from $6.00-$750.00. For further details please contact Key via email ( or on the All Things IBO Facebook page.

 Estimated monthly Fee Zoho CRM Standard Zoho Sign Standard Zoho Forms (Basic Paid Version) Zoho Campaign 
(501-1000) Subscribe
 $50.00 X X X X
 $40.00XX Free Version X
 $32.00 Free VersionX X X
$38.00  XFree Version X X

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Stop flooding your hard drive with downloads of information from your agents. Keep records, send emails, and manage vital information from anywhere.

Price $65  Place Your Order

Are you looking for a way to send mass emails without limitations? What if you could have automated emails that go out instantly once the reciepent takes certain defined steps? It's possible and very affordable with Zoho Campaign.

Price: $75   Place Your Order

Let your system do the work for you! Get applicants screened and filtered, have your defined emails sent to those you select. Have you legal documents signed and attached to agent profiles. With a few minor routine steps, you can cut the time spent recruiting and on-boarding from hours to minutes.

Price: $185    Place Your Order

Get everything in the automation setup but MORE automation. Remove the need for multiple manual steps down to only two. Everything is done for you. The applicant screening, rejection email, registration steps, & welcome email all done INSTANTLY. You send documents and update 1 section of your CRM manually. 

Price: $235   Place Your Order

Do you offer other opportunities other than the main platform? We can automate those too. We can take your application form and make it completely effortless. Don't make just one process streamlined, make them all that way.

Price: $80   Place Your Order